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Crude oil

Crude oil is one of the most actively traded commodities in the world and plays a crucial role in the global economy. It is a type of petroleum. It is the basis for petroleum products such as propane. Crude oil can be a speculative asset, a portfolio diversifier, or a hedge against related positions.. 

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Middle distillates

Middle distillates include two products, Gasoil and Jet fuel. Gasoil is used for agricultural and horticultural vehicles. Jet fuel is used in aircrafts. Premium fuels for aviation and indiustrial applications. Trading in middle distillates involves buying and selling contracts for these products, either for immediate delivery (spot market) or for delivery at a future date (futures market).

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is used as engine fuel in vehicles. Essential LNG efficient distribution and storage while seaborne. LNG trading is viewed as a critical capability to manage market dynamics and demand fluctuations. LNG is a versatile energy source used primarily for heating, electricity generation, and as a fuel for vehicles and ships.

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a fuel gas that is used in heating appliances. LPG consists mainly of propane and butane and is stored and transported in liquid form under moderate pressure.It is also used in vehicles. LPG has environmental benefits as it is a cleaner-burning fuel

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Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil is used to heat homes and businesses. Trading fuel oil involves buying and selling contracts for the purchase or delivery of fuel oil, which is a heavy liquid petroleum product used primarily as a fuel for power generation, heating, and industrial processes.It is also more affordable thus it is popular in the trading industry. It is shipped directly to physical suppliers in ports to be sold into shipowners or stored in barges.

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Petrochemicals is derived from petroleum. Petrochemicals trading involves the buying and selling of various chemical products derived from petroleum or natural gas. These chemicals serve as raw materials for the production of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods, including plastics, fertilizers, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and construction materials. Consistent and secure deliveries of top-quality chemical commodities. 

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Light Distillates

Light distillates refer to a group of petroleum products that have a relatively low boiling point and are commonly used as fuels or as feedstocks for various industrial processes.Light distillates include two products: Gasoline and Naphtha. Gasoline is a petrol or gas while Naphtha is a flammble liquid hydrocarbon mixture. Prime Gasoline and Naphtha employs key industrial applications.

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Bitumen is used in the construction of roads and railways, and it is a viscous constituent of petroleum. Bitumen is a byproduct of crude oil refining and is classified based on its viscosity and temperature susceptibility. It is used in waterproofing roofs and is a heavy sticky residual substance of petroleum production.Trading bitumen involves the buying and selling of contracts for the purchase or delivery of bitumen, which is a viscous, black, sticky form of petroleum.


Sustainable fuels

Sustainable fuels are produced from biomass, plants and agriculture. It is used as a transportation fuel, but it may also be used for heating and electricity generation. Sustainable fuels trading involves the buying and selling of renewable and low-carbon fuels that are produced from sustainable feedstocks and have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional fossil fuels.

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